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Santa Barbara Ski & Sports Club
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2020-2021 Executive Board of Directors:

Ginny Nixon
I am a life-long learner, a teacher, mother, grandmother, traveler and friend. Though I am a long-time resident of Santa Barbara, I have only been a member of the Santa Barbara Ski & Sports Club since 2012, when I joined to go on a week-long ski trip to Banff, Canada.   My membership has been an extremely positive experience; I have met many wonderful friends!  In addition to enjoying the ski trips, I participate in many memorable club activities, such as kayaking, bicycling, club parties & gatherings, the Live Oak Music Festival camping, both Santa Rosa & Santa Cruz Island camping trips, the boat-to-boat events, and of course dancing.  I have served on the Ski Club board of directors since 2014, while immersing myself in organizing the annual Live Service Auctions.  I’m looking forward to enjoying these activities, and more, for many years to come!

Vice President 
Dot Salogga
I was raised in the countryside of Minnesota.  My first experience skiing was being pulled down the snow covered roads behind a car using skis with just a thin leather strap.  I was in my 30’s when I first actually skied on a downhill ski slope near Duluth, MN.  Riding the slow chair lifts with cold winds blowing off Lake Superior did not deter me from continuing to ski.   I did family skiing at Bogus Basin in Idaho and later skied the slopes around Seattle, with numerous trips to Whistler Resort in BC, Canada.  Whistler on a good day is still my all time favorite mountain.
Dick and I joined the ski club in 2018 after meeting Mark and Ellie at a Newcomer event.  We were so impressed with the friendliness of all the members.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the weeklong ski trips to Banff and Steamboat as well as our brief ski trip to Big Sky in March.  The weeklong trips are a great way to get to know the ski club members better.  We look forward to many more of these trips to come.
My hobbies are photography, international travel, beach walking, short hikes, tennis and also Tai Chi which has improved my balance on the ski slopes.
I am looking forward to serving as Vice President to give back for all the wonderful parties and ski trips Dick and I have enjoyed the past 2 years.

Jane Ferry
I’ve been skiing since I could I walk. Skiing is a natural adrenaline rush, the best there is! The ski club is like a family to me. Everyone is warm and welcoming, and I look forward to each and every trip. I am the secretary of the club, which means I get the coffee and type the minutes on my IBM Selectric.

Scott W. Groff
My love for skiing began when my parents brought me to Heavenly Valley when I was 16.  I vividly remember my very first run.  I got off of the tram, strapped on my skies and went straight down hill.  About 10 seconds later I realized I didn't know how to stop so crashed into a snowbank!  Finally my need for speed was satisfied.  After I graduated from SCU, I spent 2 years in Tahoe bartending at night and as a  ski bum during the day.  I have been introduced to a lot of great Santa Barbarians since joining the ski club in 2010.

Cheryl Fontana
Skiing is my passion and the SB Ski Club has been wonderful in the support of this active sport! I began skiing with the club in 2005 and have been hooked ever since. It was all too easy to show up for the bus ride up and back. The bus allowed me to either do work, read, watch a movie or socialize. The ride can be whatever you make it. The scenery is stunning on the way back and not having to drive while exhausted from 3 full days of skiing is paramount.
Because there are so many levels of skiers it is easy to find a group you feel comfortable with and one that  helps you navigate the mountain. Mammoth is as it is named a large mountain.
The weather can be different from morning to afternoon as well as from one lodge to another. That is why the stress factor is minimal when you ski with those in the know. I know of no other sport that can bring such satisfaction. Playing in the snow, in the trees, with mother nature, is very uplifting. Join us! I suspect you will be hooked too. 
Week long Trips  
Mark Findley

I grew up back east where skiing usually meant going once a year to a very small hill covered with ice and surviving. My true love of skiing got kick-started on a trip to a real western mountain (Mt Bachelor) where I found out how good it can be. I knew needed to do more skiing (like lots more) but was not sure how I could make that happen living in Santa Barbara. I heard about the SB Ski Club from a former co-worker and joined in 2005 and now I know the joys of Mammoth Mountain as well as many of the large resorts in the western US and Canada. I took over the Weeklong Trip Captain position in 2013 and have the privilege of picking out and arranging our long trip destinations. I encourage you to check out the club and join in on the fun.

Weekend Trips  
Lydonna Walker
As the Weekend Trip Captain – I run the ski trips to Mammoth. During this upcoming season of 2021 I hope to add midweek trips to our roster. Let me know what you think about that idea! I started skiing later than most – in my 30’s at Bear Valley. I skied all over in Northern California and up in Banff Canada before moving to Santa Barbara. Now I’m skiing more than ever in my life since I joined the Santa Barbara Ski and Sport Club around 2013 – Mammoth, Big Sky, Steamboat, Whistler and more. I have been having a blast and making new friends while skiing, biking, camping at the Channel Islands – Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz, kayaking, paddle boarding, happy hours, and the best parties ever and so much more.
Hope to see you soon at some of our events. Be sure to introduce yourself. Ski you later!

Past President 
Robert Palmer
I have been an avid skier since my first visit to Mammoth Mountain in 1971. That year as a newbie, and on my first day out, I conquered the cornice in a blizzard (not pretty); but an addiction was born.  An addiction to high octane adventure, to the grandeur of the mountains and the good times had with friends. In addition to skiing , I fly airplanes, like to travel, bike, hike and play tennis. A forty year resident of Santa Barbara, I made my career in Real Estate. My wife of 30 years Maia and myself have raised two adult children; Justin and Felicia who also love to Ski. The family that skis together, stays together. I joined the Santa Barbara Ski and Sports Club in 2006 and never looked back. It has been a great ride. Last year I joined the board as Vice President, and this year I have the privilege to help to carry on the great traditions of the Club as President. I look forward to seeing you all in the coming year on the slopes!

2020-2021 Standing Committees (Appointed):

Summer Sports Coordinator 
Summer sports coordinator needed! If interested please contact El Presidente. 

Social Chair  
Nadia Ernst
Social Co-Chair
Annelie Zeise
Social Co-Chair
Maia Palmer
Nadia, Annelie and Maia are the party girls! If you love the ski club parties, these are the ladies that arrange them.

Web Committee Chair  
Ritva Hiltunen
Web Committee Co-Chair  
Sabrina Beane
Web Committee Co-Chair  
Karen Gumtow
We are a trio of skiing computer nerds, locally known as the webchicks.  If you speak html and have sacrificed body parts to skiing, come and join us. Feel free to contact us about website issues.  We can be reached at Ritva Hiltunen, Sabrina Beane, Karen Gumtow

MaiaMaskedHospitality Chair  
Maia Palmer
Hospitality Co-Chair  
Cheryl Fontana
Hospitality Co-Chair  
Sabrina Beane
We love our members and we are here to welcome you! 

Media & Communications Chair 
Ellie Cooper
Arranges advertising and posts Ski Club activities on the Ski Club FaceBook page and MeetUp.

Ways & Means  
Ginny Nixon 
I have served on the Ski Club board of directors since 2014, while immersing myself in organizing the annual Live Service Auction.  I’m looking forward to enjoying these activities, and more, for many years to come! Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with fund raising ideas, 
Ski Director  Cynder Sinclair
I started skiing when I was in high school. I’d say I’m at an advanced intermediate level. I have only been in the SB Ski Club for a couple of years, but I really enjoy all the activities and try to participate often. Ski trips are especially fun, whether they are weeklong trips or weekend trips to Mammoth. We have a great group of really fun folks!
My business, Nonprofit Kinect, provides consulting services to nonprofits including strategic planning, executive coaching, board training, and retreat facilitation. I raised five kids and I have 13 grandchildren and one great grandchild. I also love all outdoor sports like kayaking, hiking, paddle boarding, and cycling.
Cheers,  Cynder

AndySClub Rep  
Andy Snyder
ShawnSClub Rep  
Shawn Shurick
I am a CA native and graduated from Cal Berkeley in Computer Engineering, then started my career in Santa Barbara. I moved to work in San Luis Obispo two years later and have been here ever since. Along the way I was able to travel to other continents including two trips to Saudi Arabia (wouldn’t go now!). I raised 3 wonderful kids in Arroyo Grande and all have flown the nest. I am now an IT Manager for the County of SLO and joined the SLO Skiers in 2013. My first trip was to Ojai and one that was jointly held by the SB Skiers, where I met a lot of great people including Andy and later joined that club too. I love all things sports but my favorites are skiing, cycling, hiking and tennis.

Non-Board Positions/Regular Volunteers

Bartenders: Isobel Jones (Meetings and parties) and Brian Lee (Mammoth Trips)