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Social Events

Happy Hours
We usually meet once or twice a month at different bars in town. See the calendar for the time and place.

Concerts in the Park
See the calendar for the city schedule in July.

Kick-Off BBQ, September
On a Sunday in September we have our annual kickoff barbeque at Goleta Beach, area B from 12-4. Bring a side dish to share and whatever you want to drink. Everything else will be provided (e.g. picnic tables, a grill, grass, sky, napkins, grilled pigeon (whoops, chicken) and if that weren't enough games. Yes indeed it's true. There will be games which may include bocce ball, beer hopscotch, spin the keg, midget limbo (where everybody comes up short), and squirrel roping (everybody went nuts over this game last year). Don't miss this event!

Boat to Boat Party, October
As its name implies, this party will start out on one boat and end up on another boat. If you drink enough you may miss the transition (if you drink enough you may miss the dock). The evening starts out with light appetizers around 4:00pm.  Then at the appointed time (nobody knows exactly when that is, but it's signalled by a silent dog whistle) everybody heads on over to a different boat in a different marina (but in the same harbor) where hopefully the boat you end up on is in Santa Barbara Harbor.

Halloween Party, October
See the calendar and SkiBlast as to the theme and location of the party.

Orphan's Happy Hour, November
You might think by the title that this is an outing where we invite children without families to the Endless Summer Bar and ply them with alcohol, but you would be wrong. This is a happy hour dedicated to those of us who will not be traveling for Thanksgiving. (think of it. we don't have to drive or fly forever, and we have our own happy hour).  Some of you will probably cancel your holiday plans just to participate in this special happy hour. It all takes place from 5-7 (that would be pm) on Wednesday before Thanksgiving at the Endless Summer Bar down at the harbor.

Holiday Party, December
See calendar and SkiBlast for more info on time and location.

Spring Fling Party, May
See calendar and SkiBlast for more info on time and location.