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2019/20 Ikon Pass Promotion

Santa Barbara Ski & Sports Club is excited to announce that is once again offering a deal on the purchase of the 2019/20 Ikon Pass . If you are planning to participate on any of the 2020 trips with the club you should strongly consider this deal.

What is the Ikon Pass?

The Ikon Pass provides different levels of access to 38 ski resorts around the world. It is valid from April 8th through the end of the 2019/20 ski season. 

For members planning to ski with the club next year the resorts of most interest would be:

Mammoth Mountain - Unlimited Days with some blackout dates

Steamboat, Colorado - 5 days lifts tickets ($382 value)

Big Sky, Montana - 5 days lift tickets ($280 value)

For more information on the pass please see ---->      Ikon Pass Details

So what is the deal and why purchase from

SB Ski has once again selected as our provider for the 2020 season week-long ski trips. For our loyalty they have offered our members a $50 rebate on a Mammoth trip of your choice provided that you sign up for and attend either the Steamboat or Big Sky trip.

How much does the Pass cost?

The pricing is the same as offered by any other seller with the exception of becoming eligible for the Mammoth trip discount.

Full Ikon Pass $1049 (No blackout dates)

Ikon Base Pass $749 (blackout dates: Christmas week, Dr. King weekend & Presidents day weekend)

The fine print:

This Ikon pass is the same pass that is sold by any other source - the only difference is the added benefit of a $50 discount on a SB Ski & Sports Club 2020 Mammoth trip, when a SB Ski & Sports Club member purchases the Ikon pass through

The 2019/20 Ikon pass is valid from April 8th, 2019 through the end of the 2020 ski season (~June?)

SB Ski & Sports Club Members must purchase the Ikon pass from and sign up for and attend either the Steamboat or Big Sky trips to qualify for the $50 rebate on one 2020 Mammoth trip.

Your purchase is made directly through and SB Ski & Sports Club is not financially involved.

What if I purchase the Ikon pass from a different source? - Sorry, you will not qualify for the Mammoth credit (but you will still have lift access for Steamboat and Big Sky).

Purchase here---> SkiGroup Ikon Pass Form